Geodetic Observatory Wettzell


Geodesists from all over the world know the tiny village Wettzell, located between the villages Bad Koetzting and Viechtach in the Bavarian Forest in Germany. There is a geodetic observatory doing measurements to satellites and stars in order to permanently determine positions on Earth and the orientation of the Earth in space.

This information is required to realize global reference frames, which are essential for numerous tasks in geosciences like continental drift and sea level change, in space flight and astronomy, but also in many fields of the workaday life like navigation, survey, and mapping.

The Geodetic Observatory Wettzell is operated by:

The activities are embedded in the research program of the Forschungsgruppe Satellitengeodäsie (FGS), which additionally comprises

Website of the Geodetic Observatory Wettzell at BKG
Friends' Association Geodätisches Informationszentrum Wettzell e.V.