IVS VLBI 2010 Workshop on
Future Radio Frequencies and Feeds

Wettzell / Hoellenstein (Germany), March 18 - 20, 2009

V2C Meeting

Wettzell / Hoellenstein (Germany), March 21, 2009


The goal of the FRFF Workshop was to develop recommendations to the IVS Directing Board on the definition of the VLBI2010 radio frequencies and the specifications for VLBI2010 feeds. Fixing these parameters is important for future VLBI2010 developments and the realization of VLBI2010 antennas such as the German Twin Telescope Wettzell (TTW). Toward that end, talks and discussions addressed possible options for observation frequency ranges that will allow VLBI2010 systems to achieve the VLBI2010 goal of 1-mm position accuracy in 24 hours, within the real-world constraints imposed by RFI, feed and antenna design, broadband receiver technology, calibration, and other factors.

The FRFF Workshop was mostly geared toward VLBI experts and electronics/RF engineers, who are encouraged to contribute with their expertise to the definition of the VLBI2010 radio frequencies. The workshop was divided into a tutorial part and a part with open contributions.

The presentations and discussions were on the following subjects:

You find here the program of the workshop.

Following this 3-day workshop a one-day IVS VLBI2010 Committee (V2C) meeting has been held on March 21st. You find here the program of the V2C meeting.


Recommendations to the IVS Directing Board

The participants of the IVS VLBI2010 Workshop on Future Radio Frequencies and Feeds (FRFF), held in Wettzell/Höllenstein, Germany from March 18-20, 2009, make the following recommendations:



Presentations of IVS VLBI 2010 Workshop on Future Radio Frequencies and Feeds

Part 1 &mdash Introduction

Hayo Hase Welcome to Wettzell/Höllenstein and General Logistics
Brian Corey Workshop Goals

Part2 &mdash Broadband Delay

Bill Petrachenko (Tutorial) An Overview of VLBI2010 Frequency Requirements
Arthur Niell Proof-of-Concept Signal Chain
Arthur Niell Proof-of-Concept System Demonstration
Arthur Niell K/Ka-Band Options
Alan Roy Thoughts on the Design of a WVR for the TWIN Telescopes at Wettzell

Part3 &mdash Feeds

Per-Simon Kildal (Tutorial) Characterization of Feeds for Radio Telescopes
Chris Beaudoin The Proof-of-Concept VLBI2010 Feed and its Characteristics
German Cortes The QSC Ultra Wide Band Feed
Brian Corey Characterization of the ultra wideband active, inverted, conical sinous antenna
Per-Simon Kildal Electrical Design of a Cooled 2-14 GHz Eleven Feed for SKA and VLBI2010
Jian Yang Numerical Optimization of log-Period Antennas by Using Embedded log-periodically Scaled S-Parameters Evaluated from truncated Arrays Feed
Leif Helldner Cryogenic and Mechanical Design for the Eleven Feed
Atsutoshi Ishii Evaluation of a Radio Telescope Using a Quad-ridge Horn Antenna on Geodetic VLBI
Felix Tercero 2-140 GHz CAY Anechoic Chamber
Willi Göldi Evaluation of Suitable Feed Systems

Part4 &mdash Polarization

Brian Corey (Tutorial) Polarization issues &mdash a tutorial
Koyel Das Conversion from Linear to Circular Polarization and Stokes Parameters in FPGA

Part5 &mdash Broadband Receiver Design

Tom Clark (Tutorial) Receivers for VLBI2010
Chris Beaudoin VLBI2010 Phase Calibration Signal Generator and Broadband Considerations
Juan Daniel Gallego Multi-octave Balanced Low Noise Amplifier for Radio Astronomy Cryogenic Receivers
Leif Helldner Implementation IF over Fibre for Onsala Space Observatory

Part6 &mdash Radio Frequency Interference

Gino Tuccari (Tutorial) Interference at a VLBI Station: Analysis and Mitigation
Roberto Ambrosini A Spectrum Management view about VLBI2010: the CRAF experience
Tom Clark Useful RFI: Holography
José Antonio López-Pérez Detected Interferences at S-band from the 40-m Radiotelescope Servo System
Reinhart Keller Frequency Coverage and RFI Observations at Effelsberg

Part7 &mdash New VLBI Observation Styles

Bill Petrachenko (Tutorial) GNSS Frequencies for VLBI2010
Sergei Pogrebenko Vector Phase Cal extraction
Sergei Pogrebenko Space Science Applications with the IVS VLBI2010 System
Alexander Neidhardt Concepts for remote control of VLBI-telescopes and for the Integration of new VLBI2010 Devices into the Field System
Atsutoshi Ishii Development of a Compact VLBI System for Providing over 10-km Baseline Calibration
Vincenza Tornatore Are there possibilities to observe GNSS-signals with VLBI2010?

Part8 &mdash VLBI2010 Projects

Jim Lovell AuScope VLBI Project Status
Hayo Hase Twin Telescope Wettzell (TTW)
José Antonio López-Pérez Status of Red Atlántica de Estaciones Geodinámicas y Espaciales (RAEGE)
Bjørn Engen Initial Steps at Ny-Ålesund


Presentations of V2C Meeting

Digital Baseband Converters

Bill Petrachenko DBE Requirements for VLBI2010
Arthur Niell DBE2/Mk5C Frequency Selection
Ying Xiang The Progress of Chinese Digital Data Acquisition System and its Application
Gino Tuccari DBBC2 functions, architecture and status
  DBE Radiometry Requirements
Gino Tuccari Implementation Issues for the VLBI2010 Data Backend
Atsutoshi Ishii Current Status of Developments of Digital Backend Systems at NICT Kashima
Francois Kapp An introduction to ROACH

Software Correlators

Walter Brisken VLBA-DiFX Operations Plan
Walter Brisken Adaptation of DiFX
Xiuzhong Zhang Hardware and Software Correlator Development at SHAO
Kazuhiro Takashima Japanese Software Correlator for UT1 Intensive
John Morgan The DiFX Software Correlator in Bonn:
Latest Developments and Immediate Plans
Walter Alef Bonn experience with the DiFX correlator
Bill Petrachenko Hardware Correlator for VLBI2010
Bill Petrachenko Hybrid Correlator for VLBI2010


Pictures of the Meeting

Elevenfeed of Kildal Picture of Per-Simon Kildal's eleven feed according to his presentation
A full sized picture can be downloaded here (approx. 4 MByte)
Participants of the meeting Participants of the FRFF Meeting
A full sized picture can be downloaded here (approx. 7 MByte)


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