EVN Technical and Operations Group Meeting

Wettzell / Hoellenstein (Germany), April 1 - 2, 2004

General Information

The EVN Technical and Operations Group Meeting will take place from Thursday morning to Friday afternoon in the "Landhotel Miethaner" in Hoellenstein (Eastern Bavaria), which is 2 km south of the Wettzell Observatory. A number of mini-workshops is scheduled for Friday (April 2) and will take place at the Wettzell Observatory. The following 5 mini-workshops are expected to be held in Wettzell:

  1. FS, GNPLT (Ed Himwich)
  2. MK5: system checkout, cabling, software (Dan Smythe)
  3. MK5: Module handling, maintenance, labels (Michael Wunderlich)
  4. CHCHK program (Beppe Maccaferri)
  5. Amplitude calibration, rxg files (Cormac Reynolds)

You can view and print out the most recent agenda of the TOG meeting and the mini-workshops, and the station and correlator report for the TOG meeting:
TOG Meeting agenda
Mini-workshop agenda

Station and correlator report

One day earlier (March 31) the DBBC operative meeting will be held at the Wettzell Observatory. Please contact Gino Tuccari for more information. Note: The DBBC operative meeting is intended for people who are or will get involved in the development of the DBBCs.


The program of the meeting and the mini-workshops is done by:

The local organization is done by the staff of the Fundamentalstation Wettzell, in particular:


The closest international airport is Munich airport. From Munich airport take bus no. 635 to Freising railway station, and then the train to Plattling. This will take approx. 2 hours. Train schedules are available under http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de (e.g. Munich airport - Plattling). A shuttle service will be organized between Plattling station and the hotel (every 2 hours). From Frankfurt airport there is a direct train to Plattling every 2 hours (10:02,12:02, 14:02,...). From Frankfurt it takes 4 hours to Plattling.

If you wish to be picked up in Plattling, please make a corresponding note with the expected arrival time in the message box of the registration form. The same applies if you need a shuttle service after the meeting.

If you travel by car, you may use the road map for orientation.


A number of 30 reservations have been made in the Landhotel Miethaner, where the meeting takes place. The price is 35,- Euro for a single room including breakfast. Unfortunately payment by credit card is not possible. Please change Euros at the airport if necessary as there is no possibility at the hotel. A dinner is prearranged for Thursday night in the Landhotel Miethaner. Here is the hotel address:

Landhotel Miethaner
Höllenstein 13
94234 Viechtach-Höllenstein
Tel: +49 - (0)9942 - 9530
Fax: +49 - (0)9942 - 353199

If the number of rooms is not sufficient, please be prepared to stay in a hotel in Kötzting. In this case, a shuttle service to the TOG meeting will be organized.

If you want to make a hotel reservation by your own, the following links may be helpful:

Kötzting Tourist Information
Viechtach Tourist Information
Hotel Reservation System (online reservation)



Please note that the list of participants will not be updated immediately.
The deadline for registration is March 14.


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